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Here you will find piercing articles such as piercing jewelry, piercing pendants & piercing accessories in special quality. You can also find XXL piercings and particularly high-quality piercing pendants in jewelry quality, as well as medical-technical products for training the pelvic floor in our shop for body jewelry & health.

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Pendants for piercing rings

Here we offer you pendants for piercing jewelry which can visually enhance your nipples or genital piercings. These pendants are made of stainless steel and are available in the versions stainless steel-silver or TiN-gold. They are available in different lengths from 10 mm - 18 mm chain length, plus the attached ball.

from 15,00 EUR
Piercing Ring - Klick

Piercing ring with click fastener

Here we offer you matching piercing rings with click fasteners for our pendants with ornamental balls or weights. They can be worn in the clitoral hood, on the inner and outer labia, as well as on the nipples. The piercing rings are available in the colors stainless steel-silver or TiN-gold.


from 14,00 EUR
Intimate chain short

Chest Necklace

This extravagant combination of necklace and nipple chain connects the piercings with a necklace or a choker. This breast jewelry is too good to wear hidden, it ideally comes into its own under transparent or partially transparent tops. 
59,00 EUR
Nipple piercing stirrups for piercing rods XXL

Nipple piercing stirrups for piercing rods of 2.5 - 5 mm wire thickness

BiWie® offers you nipple jewelry for nipples in U-shape for piercing rod or barbell in wire thicknesses of up to 5 mm made in Germany. These stirrups made of stainless steel are manufactured by a well-known jewelry manufacturer in Germany exclusively for the company BiWie®. They fit all women and men who have decided on larger piercings.

from 19,00 EUR